The Mysterious Memoires of Victor Ewing

“As some of you may know, I recently moved house. I was clearing out the attic when I made a rather interesting discovery. I found several mysterious boxes, diaries and journals that appear to have belonged to my Great Great Grandfather, Victor Ewing. Between snippets from his diaries and a little of his military history, here is what I have been able to piece together so far.
Victor Ewing was born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in 1875 where he lived for his rather uneventful formative years.
When Victor came of age he joined the British armed forces and, after receiving a commission, became 2nd lieutenant in the 21st lancers. In 1895 he was posted to the Sudan where he fought at the Battle of Omdurman under the command of Sir Herbert Kitchener. By the time the conflict ended in 1899, at the age of 24 and after several distinguishing acts in the field, Victor had risen to the rank of Captain and was making his way home through Cairo when something happened that he could not explain. He had his first encounter with the supernatural.
It was an event that would change his life forever.
After returning to England Victor related his tale to a commanding officer and this is where his official story ends. The only thing he makes reference to after this is something called the “S.P.R.”. It is only mentioned a few times, but it seems very important.
Victor spent the rest of his days travelling the world to investigate myths and legends from across the globe. Every time he returned home there would be a new and strange artefact added to his collection and another chilling entry to his journal.
The more I discover of Victor, the more he amazes me. I shall share my findings with you as I uncover more about his extraordinary life.” – James Ewing

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From the journal of Victor Ewing December 24th 1899 I was unexpectedly ordered back to camp this morning. Of course, I was kept waiting for well over an hour before my commanding officers were gracious enough to speak with me. I must confess that my attitude towards my superiors has suffered greatly after this recent […]

These entries were written on scraps of paper and left between the pages of Victors journal. December 17th 1899 I reported for debriefing yesterday as ordered, and was greeted by my commanding officers and a sea of disapproving and judgemental faces. My journal has been confiscated, hence my writing this on a scrap of paper. I was ordered to […]

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