We made Cairo this morning.
The men are tired and in need of a drink. The last five years have been hell for most of us and I know I am not the only one who is eager to be reminded of the good things in life. Tonight we will eat, drink and make merry together one last time before we push off on our many separate paths.
It is a day of mixed emotions. Joy at the thought of being home for Christmas, and sorrow as I will be saying farewell to some very close friends. Brothers born in battle whom I am certain to never see again.
But tonight we drink and make our best efforts to leave with pleasant thoughts of Egypt fresh in our thoughts.
Also, the strangest thing. As we crossed the bridge into this part of the town the crowds grew less and less. The people, what few there are, appear troubled by something. This is not how I remember this part of town at all. When I was last here five years ago I could hardly move for beggars and street sellers. Now the streets are all but deserted. The tiny spit of river, barely a trickle of water, has almost cut the town in two. Still, I dare say the lads will be happy at the thought of not having to wait in a crowded bar for their glasses to be filled.
Tomorrow I head for home and family.

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