We arrive in Southampton tomorrow and I will be extremely grateful for it. This week had started well as far as my relationship with the crew was concerned. However, after a few poorly chosen words, I fear I have done my standing a great damage.
When we made port in Gibralatar I decided to lend a hand as our cargo was offloaded and replaced. Initially I thought this may offer some respite to the long hours I lay awake with Demonic eyes permeating my thoughts and fanciful shadows shifting in the corners of my room. A hard days work would be the best antidote.
I have toiled by their side every day since and have been rewarded with a hearty meal and a restufll nights sleep at the end of each day. I had even managed to build up a rapour with most of them, aided as I was by the smattering of Egyptian I had picked up in my time with Meni and the lads.
It was at dinner this evening however that I let my confidence and curiosity get the better of me. We were setting about a hearty workers meal and the mood was jovial as ever. I managed to pick up a few bawdy, good natured, and rather inventive insults as they were thrown across the table between friends and I thought this the perfect opportunity to relate my little tale.
As we toiled together today I had concocted a story to the effect that one of my Egyptian friends and conscripts had tried to scare me on my last night before I set sail for home. Foolishly, I thought this may furnish me with some insight into the nature of what I had seen. I went on to say that he had told me of some strange local legend involving dark spirits and that “After the things I had seen and done in Egypt, the ‘Khu’ would come for my soul”.
It was a terrible mistake. No sooner had I uttered the word than the mood changed. Everybody fell deathly silent and mine was the only smile at the table. All eyes were on me as the foreman took to his feet and in a low, steady and forthright voice he made it quite clear that no man born of Egypt would joke about such things, that I could only know that name if my life had already been touched by it and to mention it in front of his men was to bring the thing down upon them too. I tried to apologise and justify my actions but he cut me off before I could finish and, with a raised voice, made it quite clear that I was no longer welcome at their table. I left my seat, and the room, with many eyes burning my back.
With any luck we will make port early tomorrow as I wish to feel England beneath my feet as soon as possible and leave everything Egyptian behind me.

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gripping stuff, can’t wait to see what unfolds on his return to blighty.

April 16th, 2013 at 7:59 pm

lets hope the shores of home bring him some brighter days but i dont think so… hurry with the next part 🙂

April 19th, 2013 at 6:18 pm

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