It has been several days since I left Egypt and still the events of that night haunt me. My dreams are plagued by glowing eyes, drowning fires and the feeling of having the very breath drawn from my lungs. I know I have woken up in a cold sweat more than once, unable to move and convinced there is a presence standing over me as I sleep but it appears nothing more than shadow and my own fevered imagination.
I thought it would be difficult to say goodbye to my Egyptian brothers in arms after everything we have faced together, but none of them would even look at me let alone speak. They knew I had kept the necklace, or whatever this winged thing is, so their own fear and superstition kept them at bay. I have examined it several times, turning it over in my hands in the hope that I might find some symbol of hidden meaning but, if it has secrets, it will not share them with me.
My only comfort is that I was able to pool the trinkets and treasures I have gathered in my time away and barter for passage back to England on a steamer, choosing to travel alone rather than with the rest of the men. My own company is all I wish to keep at the moment.
I have thought it best to keep the necklace and my experience a secret from the Captain and his crew. Even though he is British a large percentage of his crew are not and many of those are Egyptian. Even though the journey will only take a matter of days I would rather not spend it as an outcast.
We will be in Gibraltar soon. The Captain assures me that we will only be there a day or so as we take on fuel and our cargo is transferred, then we will be leaving for England. Five more days at the most until I see the shores of home for the first time in almost five years.

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